Alum Creek Engagement Session | Rachael + Corey

It’s downright frigid outside right now, but since we’re getting caught up on sessions that we just hadn’t gotten a chance to post yet, here is Rachael and Corey’s sweet Alum Creek Engagement Session from a cool, foggy morning last year.

We met at the Alum Creek Dam, which is right around Rachael’s old stomping grounds, as the fog rolled across the fields and completely enveloped the lake. It was so peaceful, and we loved starting the day with these two and their infectious smiles. We can’t wait for their Valentine’s Day wedding next month!

Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-01 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-02 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-03 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-04 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-05 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-06 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-07 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-08 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-09 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-10 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-11 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-12 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-14 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-15 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-16 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-17 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-18 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-19 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-20 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-21 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-22 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-23 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-24 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-25 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-26 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-27 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-28 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-29 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-30 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-31 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-32 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-33 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-34 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-35 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-36 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-37 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-38 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-39 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-40 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-41 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-42 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-43 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-44 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-45 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-46 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-47 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-48 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-49 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-50 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-51 Alum-Creek-Engagement-Session-52

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Ringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year, y’all! Time to celebrate! 2015 brings with it so many new and exciting things. Things that we have been working on and dreaming of for a long, long time. We absolutely love what we do, and wouldn’t dream of stopping, but sometimes…sometimes it’s nice to hit those milestones that we’ve been working toward and anxiously awaiting for so long. Today marks the beginning of a new year, but it also marks a new chapter in our lives and our work.

As we have worked to grow our business, Amanda has worked on the side as a cake decorator at a local bakery, but the plan has always been for her to join me full-time, documenting the stories of our couples. We weren’t sure when that would be, or how we would know that we had reached that point, but we were encouraged by Justin & Mary’s words, “Slow growth equals strong roots. Don’t be afraid to grow slow & steady over the long haul.” It was sometimes easy to get anxious and wish that we were further along on the road to our dreams, but those words have reminded us that, although it’s ok to not be satisfied with just staying stagnant, it does take time and you can’t get so lost in the wishing for the future that you miss out on the joy of the present.

Today though, marks that day that we’ve been waiting for. Yesterday was Amanda’s final day at the bakery, and from here on out we’ll be working side by side, continuing to pursue our dreams and hopefully bless people’s lives along the way.

On top of that, we are also launching a refresh of our website, complete with a new logo that we feel better represents the timeless elegance of the love stories that we so enjoy documenting. It’s been so exciting and energizing for us to work on this, as we try to really hone in on what it is that defines our brand. Truly knowing what it is that makes up the essence of our business has started to free us to focus our energy on the things that we really have a passion for, and it feels so good.

In the new year, we will be getting caught up on blogging, which took a hit when we bought our condo and all of our free time went into renovations (turned out to be a bit bigger of a project that we expected, haha), and we are really hoping to be able to offer help to new photographers out there as well as inspiration to brides as they plan their dream wedding! We may even bring back Foodie Friday (;

Here’s to an incredible 2015! Cheers!


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So Long 2014…It’s Been A Good One!

Another year comes to an end, and what a year it has been! This year we have built new friendships, moved into a new home (photos coming soon, we promise!), photographed some truly wonderful couples, and so much more. There is some really exciting news about the new year that we can’t wait to share with you tomorrow, but first we want to share some photos from throughout 2014.

We love to travel, so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit a number of different states for photoshoots this year, and here are a few pictures from just some of the places we visited.

Whidbey Island, WA

1 2

Talladega Springs, AL 3 4

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 5 6 Western Maryland/Blackwater Falls in WV 7 8 9

And now, just for fun, we want to give you a little behind-the-scenes look at The Jacksons from 2014… Blog_863

Amanda goes that extra mile to make sure that the veil is juuuuust perfect… Blog_864 Blog_865

And she also makes adorable faces like this when I take test shots…cracks me up every time (: Blog_866 Blog_867 Blog_868 Blog_869 Chambray shorts and a striped button up with my trusty Sperrys…that’s where it’s at.
Blog_871 Blog_872 Blog_873 Oh, and another of Amanda’s many talents, on-the-fly stylist! Blog_874 Blog_875 We’ll end with this one, taken by a wedding guest at our last wedding of the year…thank you so much kind sir! c

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow to find out what our big news is!!


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