Columbus Engagement Session | Jamie + Jordan

Ahh, we are so excited to share this session with you guys! Not just because we had an awesome time with Jamie and Jordan and they are naturals in front of the camera (both of which are totally true), but also because of the way they love each other. You can just see it in their eyes…it’s obvious that there is no one else in the world they’d rather spend their life with. It’s so much fun to capture that kind of love, and they made it super easy. We started out at The Ohio State University, where they both went to school, and made our way around to a couple of their favorite spots on campus.
OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-01 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-02 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-03 I absolutely love these! Jamie and Jordan, you two make stunning look so easy.
OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-04 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-05 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-06 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-07 I was so excited when Jordan mentioned that University Hall was one of his favorite buildings on campus, because we love that building too, but had never shot there before.
OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-08 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-09 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-10 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-11 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-12 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-13 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-14 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-15 I love how these turned out! OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-16 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-17 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-18 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-19 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-20 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-21 Jamie had been taught by her grandfather to be a Fighting Irish fan, and she brought one of his hats with her, but she has grown to be a Buckeye fan as well;)OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-22 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-23 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-24 We finished up Jamie and Jordan’s engagement session at Highbanks Park as the sun dipped behind the trees…giving us some beautifully soft light to go with her beautiful white dress.
OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-25 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-26 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-27 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-28 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-29 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-30 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-31 These two have so much fun together:)OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-32 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-34 They brought along some of their favorite books…for Jordan it was an old Economics book that his mother had gotten him (he is a graduate of Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business), and for Jamie, a beautiful, old book titled “The Arts” (she’s an art teacher). OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-35 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-37 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-38 Absolutely stunning!! OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-39 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-40 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-41 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-42 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-43 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-44 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-45 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-46 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-47 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-48 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-49 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-51 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-53 And this…this is just something else!!:)OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-54 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-55 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-56 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-57 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-58 OSU-Highbanks-Park-Engagement-Session-59

Peg Monigold - These pictures brought tears to my eyes. Jordan and Jamie ARE made for each other, and these pictures show it! Love them, love the pictures!

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Oh, The Many Reasons We Love Spring!

Hello, and happy tax day! Yay! Right? Ok, maybe not, but it also means that Spring is now in full swing! So in honor of Spring, and to distract us from the fact that it’s tax day, here are several of the many reasons that we absolutely love Spring!

1. Opening up our windows to let some fresh air in
2. Waking up to birds chirping
3. Breakfasts on the porch
4. SUNNY DAYS!!! Ah how we’ve missed warm, sunny days!
5. The world becoming green again
6. The start of wedding season!:)
7. Being able to spend time outdoors

And here’s a little sneak peek at this past weekend’s engagement session, which we’ll be sharing more of very soon!:)

Blog_008 And to help just a little bit more with the tax day blues, share with us the reasons you love Spring, and one lucky commenter will receive a $25 gift card to our absolute favorite ice cream shop, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams!:)Annnnnd, GO! (And don’t worry if you don’t have a Jeni’s near you…you can even have it shipped to your home!) Giveaway ends Thursday, April 17th at midnight, and the winner will be announced on Friday, April 18th.

//UPDATE// Congrats to Mary Heminger on winning the Jeni’s gift card!!

Sarah Cropper - I love spring because the trees bloom and the grass turns green again. An absolute dream for photos :) Happy Spring, Jeremy and Amanda!

Amanda R. - I love having the windows open and taking long walks in the evenings during spring!

Jill B. - I love living in a place with four seasons, so I think my favorite part of Spring is just watching and anticipating the change – little buds growing, putting away the winter coats, opening up windows. I also love that it’s the end of tax season and I get my husband back! Haha! :)

Mary Heminger - I LOVE spring because… My ankles get to see the sunlight again, I get to roll my windows down, and I also LOVE to break out my hammock and soak up the sunshine :)

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Grand Oaks Wedding | Jaimie + Max

Happy Saturday!

We were blessed with some absolutely gorgeous spring weather last weekend for Jaimie and Max’s Grand Oaks wedding, and a fun and great looking group of people to boot. From the embroidered robes and gift bags for the bridesmaids, to the string quartet, and a bubble send-off, they made this day so special! It was the perfect way to kick off the wedding season!:)

Congrats you two, and thank’s so much for having us there to photograph your big day!

Grand-Oaks-Wedding-01 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-02 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-03 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-04 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-05 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-06 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-07 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-08 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-09 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-10 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-12 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-13 Max wore his dress blues for the ceremony, but he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to rock the tux, so he changed for the reception.:)Grand-Oaks-Wedding-14 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-15 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-16 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-17 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-18 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-19 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-20 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-21 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-22 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-25 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-28 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-30 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-31 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-33 Each of the bridesmaids also got a cute little knotted rope bracelet…love it!
Grand-Oaks-Wedding-34 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-35 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-37 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-38 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-39 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-40 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-41 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-42 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-43 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-44 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-45 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-46 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-47 This next shot is one of my favorites of all time…can’t get enough of it. Grand-Oaks-Wedding-48 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-49 Perfect…:)Grand-Oaks-Wedding-50 With lovely evening light and a beautiful bride, what can be better? Grand-Oaks-Wedding-52 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-53 And Max, so classy looking and handsome in that black tux…
Grand-Oaks-Wedding-54 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-56 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-57 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-58 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-59 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-60 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-61 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-62 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-63 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-65 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-66 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-67 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-69 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-70 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-71 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-72 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-73 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-74 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-75 And who doesn’t love a fun send-off?;)Grand-Oaks-Wedding-76 Grand-Oaks-Wedding-77

Venue: Grand Oaks Event Center  |  Catering: Simply Delicious  |  Florist: Kelly Jo’s Flowers  |  DJ: Adam from DJ Flair

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Washington on Film

We have loved learning how to work with film, especially when it comes to taking pictures for ourselves…documenting our own life together. So as we were exploring the area on and around Whidbey Island in Washington, we toted our film cameras around with us, so that maybe we can put the pictures into on of those big photo albums with the sticky board covered with the clear plastic film, so that someday, when our grandkids ask what life was like for us and what did we do for fun when we were younger, we can just pull out that old musty smelling photo album and tell them all of the stories.

The first batch here were shot on our Nikon FE with Fuji Pro 400H film, and they were processed at Indie Film Lab.

Washington-On-Film_001 Washington-On-Film_002 Washington-On-Film_003 Washington-On-Film_004 Washington-On-Film_005 Washington-On-Film_006 Washington-On-Film_007 Washington-On-Film_008 Washington-On-Film_009 Washington-On-Film_010 Washington-On-Film_011 Washington-On-Film_012 Washington-On-Film_013 Washington-On-Film_014 And these were shot on our Mamiya 645E with Kodak Portra 400, and were also processed by Indie Film Lab.
Washington-On-Film_015 Washington-On-Film_016 Washington-On-Film_017 Washington-On-Film_018 Washington-On-Film_019 Washington-On-Film_020 Washington-On-Film_021 Washington-On-Film_022 Washington-On-Film_023 Washington-On-Film_024 Washington-On-Film_025 Washington-On-Film_026 Washington-On-Film_027 Washington-On-Film_028 Washington-On-Film_029 I don’t usually shoot stuff quite as moody as this, but I kind of like it… Washington-On-Film_030 Washington-On-Film_031

And one last picture…it’s not film, but I’m so glad that we have it. A huge thank you goes out to that girl that was on the beach that day and offered to take a picture of us together! We really do need more pictures of us together:)Washington-In-Digital_030

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