Minneapolis Engagement Session | Amy + Jordan Part I

Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-01 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-02 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-03 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-04 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-05 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-06 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-07 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-08 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-09 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-10 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-11 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-12 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-13 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-14 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-15 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-16 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-17 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-18 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-19 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-20 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-21 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-22 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-23 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-24 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-25 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-26 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-27 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-28 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-29 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-30 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-31 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-32 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-33 Autumn-Minneapolis-Engagement-Session-34

This past autumn, we ventured up to beautiful Minneapolis for Amy and Jordan’s engagement session, and had a wonderful time. It was so much fun to finally meet them in person after having Skyped several times as we talked about their wedding and made plans for their engagement session. We adore how energetic and fun their love is, which translated into super sweet pictures! They chose Minnehaha Park as the backdrop for their session, and not only was it absolutely beautiful, but we were also fortunate enough to have lovely weather and gorgeous light. As the last of the sunlight was beginning to fade away, we took a few last pictures with the Minneapolis skyline in the background before heading on to dinner, the perfect ending to a truly fun day! We cannot wait to head back to Minnesota for their wedding in July!

Also, stay tuned tomorrow to see all of the film goodness from their session! (:

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Brookshire Wedding | Sarah + Rick

Brookshire-Wedding-01 Brookshire-Wedding-02 Brookshire-Wedding-03 Brookshire-Wedding-04 Brookshire-Wedding-05 Brookshire-Wedding-06 Brookshire-Wedding-07 Brookshire-Wedding-08 Brookshire-Wedding-09 Brookshire-Wedding-10 Brookshire-Wedding-11 Brookshire-Wedding-12 Brookshire-Wedding-13 Brookshire-Wedding-14 Brookshire-Wedding-15 Brookshire-Wedding-16 Brookshire-Wedding-17 Brookshire-Wedding-18 Brookshire-Wedding-19 Brookshire-Wedding-20 Brookshire-Wedding-21 Brookshire-Wedding-22 Brookshire-Wedding-23 Brookshire-Wedding-24 Brookshire-Wedding-25 Brookshire-Wedding-26 Brookshire-Wedding-27 Brookshire-Wedding-28 Brookshire-Wedding-29 Brookshire-Wedding-30 Brookshire-Wedding-31 Brookshire-Wedding-32 Brookshire-Wedding-33 Brookshire-Wedding-34 Brookshire-Wedding-35 Brookshire-Wedding-36 Brookshire-Wedding-37 Brookshire-Wedding-38 Brookshire-Wedding-39 Brookshire-Wedding-40 Brookshire-Wedding-41 Brookshire-Wedding-42 Brookshire-Wedding-43 Brookshire-Wedding-44 Brookshire-Wedding-45 Brookshire-Wedding-46 Brookshire-Wedding-47 Brookshire-Wedding-48 Brookshire-Wedding-49 Brookshire-Wedding-50 Brookshire-Wedding-51 Brookshire-Wedding-52 Brookshire-Wedding-53 Brookshire-Wedding-54 Brookshire-Wedding-55 Brookshire-Wedding-56 Brookshire-Wedding-57

We really enjoyed getting to know Sarah and Rick leading up to their wedding. Sarah is a talented portrait photographer here in Columbus, and it was a lot of fun to work with a fellow photographer, but more than that, it’s always fun to work with a couple who have an immense love for each other and go out of their way to serve each other for no reason other than love. There was just this quiet sweetness that surrounded them, and a joy and excitement that was about more than just a wedding day, but about a lifelong journey together. Sarah wrote about their story as well as their wedding day over on her blog, so feel free to head over there, get to know them a little more, and leave her a little love!

Sarah and Rick, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to photograph your wedding. We feel blessed to have met you, and we are so excited for the two of you!

Location: Brookshire  ||  Hairstylist: Tami of Salon Lofts in Pickerington  ||  Makeup: Makeup by Tami

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An OSU and Short North Engagement Session | Jenna + Pat

Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-02 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-01 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-03 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-04 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-05 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-06 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-07 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-08 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-09 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-10 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-11 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-12 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-13 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-14 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-15 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-16 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-17 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-20 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-21 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-22 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-23 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-24 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-25 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-26 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-28 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-29 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-30 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-31 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-32 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-33 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-34 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-35 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-36 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-37 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-38 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-39 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-40 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-41 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-42 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-43 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-44 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-45 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-46 Ohio-State-and-Short-North-Engagement-Session-47 Spending an evening with Jenna and Pat on the campus of their alma mater and in the Short North was so much fun. These two are so relaxed, and so easy to photograph, not to mention just really wonderful people to spend time with. We’re really looking forward to their wedding this July, as we know that it will be filled not only with sweet details and lovely style, but also with sweet moments and so much joy!

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Exploring the South | Charleston + Savannah

Sometimes the dark, cold days of winter start to get to you, and you just have to get away. Am I right, or am I right? We had the awesome opportunity to go spend some time in Florida with a friend, and because we’re crazy like that, we decided to drive down and explore a couple southern cities along the way. We decided to stop in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA, and it was the absolute perfect way to start off our trip! The sun was shining, it was warm (by our Midwest standards), and there were beautiful historic homes everywhere, not to mention the live oaks covered in Spanish Moss!

Charleston-SC-on-Film-01 Charleston-SC-on-Film-02 Charleston-SC-on-Film-03 As we walked through the streets of historic Charleston, with the walls of ivy and beautiful gates, I swear this place stole a big ol’ piece of our hearts, and I don’t think we’ll ever get it back. Charleston-SC-on-Film-04 Charleston-SC-on-Film-05 Charleston-SC-on-Film-06 Charleston-SC-on-Film-07 Charleston-SC-on-Film-08 Charleston-SC-on-Film-09 Charleston-SC-on-Film-10 Charleston-SC-on-Film-11 Charleston-SC-on-Film-12 Charleston-SC-on-Film-13 Charleston-SC-on-Film-14 Charleston-SC-on-Film-15 Charleston-SC-on-Film-16 Charleston-SC-on-Film-17 Charleston-SC-on-Film-18 The afternoon before we left Charleston to make our way down to Savannah, we visited the beautiful gardens of Middleton Place. The main house was destroyed during the Civil War, but it is still absolutely breathtaking! If gardens are what you’re looking for, this is the place to go! It’s so easy to spend hour upon hour just walking through the maze of hedges, flowers, and statues. Charleston-SC-on-Film-19 Charleston-SC-on-Film-20 Charleston-SC-on-Film-21 Charleston-SC-on-Film-22 Charleston-SC-on-Film-24 Charleston-SC-on-Film-25 Charleston-SC-on-Film-26 Charleston-SC-on-Film-27 Charleston-SC-on-Film-28 Charleston-SC-on-Film-29 Charleston-SC-on-Film-30 Charleston-SC-on-Film-31 Charleston-SC-on-Film-32 Charleston-SC-on-Film-33 Charleston-SC-on-Film-34 Charleston-SC-on-Film-35 It was hard to leave Charleston behind, and we lingered at Middleton Place as long as we could, but eventually we had to move on. The upside was that Savannah was filled to the brim with charm as well. The evening that we arrived, we had dinner with a couple friends who now live just outside the city, and laughed about how much this trip made us want to move south. In the morning, we just strolled from square to square, stopping only to take pictures here and there, and to have lunch at a cute little pub.
Savannah-GA-on-Film-01 Savannah-GA-on-Film-02 Savannah-GA-on-Film-03 Savannah-GA-on-Film-04 Savannah-GA-on-Film-05 Savannah-GA-on-Film-06 Savannah-GA-on-Film-07 Savannah-GA-on-Film-08 Savannah-GA-on-Film-09 Savannah-GA-on-Film-10 Savannah-GA-on-Film-11 I have to say, this trip made us fall even more deeply in love with the south. Charleston is definitely one of our favorite cities ever! We would absolutely love to photograph a wedding there! Hint, hint… (:

Mamiya 645 AF | 80mm 1.9 | Fuji 400H | Goodman Film Lab

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