A Florida Styled Shoot | Mackenzie + Jonathan

Happy April, y’all! If you missed it, this session was featured on Belle Lumière’s Journal on Monday, and we’re so happy to finally be able to share the full shoot with you! Our dear friend Kimmy Howard introduced us to the wonderful Rachel Klaeger, of the stylish new blog The Southern Atelier, who then helped put together a team of talented people to make this shoot happen. We shot at the absolutely beautiful Alys Beach, and our sweet couple Mackenzie and Jonathan were absolutely adorable! Thank you so much to everyone involved! Y’all were so wonderful to work with, and we can’t wait to head back down that way!

Photography: The Jacksons  ||  Styling: Rachel Klaeger  ||  Hair & Makeup: Vivo Spa & Salon
Floral Crown: Daybreak Apparel  ||  Jewelry: Coastal Road

Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-01 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-02 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-03 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-04 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-05 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-06 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-07 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-08 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-09 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-10 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-11 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-12 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-13 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-14 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-15 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-16 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-17 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-18 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-19 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-20 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-21 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-22 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-23 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-24 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-25 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-26 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-27 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-28 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-29 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-30 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-31 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-32 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-33 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-34 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-35 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-36 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-37 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-38 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-39 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-40 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-41 Alys-Beach-Florida-Styled-Shoot-42

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Featured on Belle Lumière

The-Jacksons-Photography-Belle-Lumiere Wow! So we are super honored to have Mackenzie and Jonathan’s styled session at Alys Beach featured over on Belle Lumière’s blog today! We’ve been holding onto this one for a little while now, and we’re so happy to finally be able to share it with y’all! Head on over to Belle Lumière to see all of the film goodness, and make sure to check back here on Wednesday as we share the full session with you!

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A Maternity Session on Film | Nichole + Adam

Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-01 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-02 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-03 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-04 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-05 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-06 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-07 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-08 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-09 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-10 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-11 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-12 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-13 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-14 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-15 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-16 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-17 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-18 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-19 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-20 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-21 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-22 Columbus-Winter-Maternity-Session-on-Film-23

Just as we started feeling like we were going stir crazy because of the dreary, cold winter days, we were able to have some fun photographing Nichole’s maternity session with her hubby! It was so nice to finally take some rolls of film out of the fridge and get out of the office for a day. (; Nichole and Adam were actually in the process of building a house when we scheduled their session, so we decided to go ahead and invite them into our home for the session. The lovely floral crown by Beth was the absolute perfect pop of color for Nichole’s wintery look. Capturing the soft, quiet moments that Nichole was cherishing as a mother-to-be, was such a beautiful thing. We are so excited for these two to meet their little cutie! Congratulations you guys!
Hair: The Blowout Bar  ||  Floral Crown: Beth of Bloomtastic  ||  Film Dev & Scan: Goodman Film Lab
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A Black Tie Columbus Wedding | Abby + Spencer

The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-01 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-02 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-03 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-04 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-05 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-06 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-07 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-08 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-09 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-10 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-11 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-12 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-13 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-14 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-15 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-16 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-17 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-18 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-19 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-20 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-21 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-22 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-23 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-24 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-25 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-26 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-27 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-28 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-29 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-30 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-31 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-32 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-33 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-34 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-35 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-36 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-37 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-38 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-39 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-40 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-41 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-42 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-43 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-44 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-45 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-46 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-47 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-48 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-49 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-50 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-51 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-52 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-53 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-54 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-55 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-56 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-57 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-58 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-59 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-60 The-Vue-Columbus-Wedding-61

Happy Monday everyone!
There’s nothing like an intimate black tie affair wedding to kick the week off, and we are thrilled to share this one with you! (; Abby and Spencer’s classy and laid-back wedding was so fun to be apart of. It was quite cold on their wedding day, so we scoped out the perfect indoor spot for some window-lit portraits, and the warmth of the old wooden panels created the perfect backdrop for some of our favorite bridal party portraits! Then the celebration continued late into the night at Vue in the Brewery District, which as it’s name implies, has a lovely view of downtown Columbus!

Ceremony: Trinity Lutheran Church  ||  Reception: Vue  ||  Hair: The Blowout Bar  ||  Makeup: Alexis Cox Artistry
Caterer: Metro Cuisine  ||  DJ: Team DJ  ||  Photobooth: Columbus Photo Booth Company  ||  Photography: The Jacksons

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