Megan & Casey | An Elegant Columbus Wedding

We are so excited to share this wedding with y’all today, and here in a moment you’ll understand why! Megan and Casey’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous! From the beautiful old venues that they chose, to the florals and cupcakes, it was just perfect.

The day started in the historic Residence Inn in downtown Columbus, as Megan and the girls popped bubbly for mimosas and started getting ready. There was a whole lot of excitement crammed into that hotel room, and that excitement filled the whole day!:)

The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-01 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-02 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-03 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-04 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-05 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-06 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-07 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-08 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-09 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-10 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-11 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-12 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-13 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-14 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-15 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-16 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-17 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-18 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-19 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-20 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-21 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-22 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-23 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-24 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-25 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-26 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-27 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-28 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-29 I love beautiful old churches like this! The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-30 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-31 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-32 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-33 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-34 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-35 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-36 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-37 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-38 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-39 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-40 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-41 How classy do these two look?! The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-42 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-43 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-44 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-45 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-46 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-47 Love this!! The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-48 Megan looked absolutely stunning in her Essence of Australia gown! The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-49 And these florals by Eleana were perfect! The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-50 Attached to Casey’s boutonnière was a key that went with this keyhole on Megan’s bouquet. Little details like that are so fun:)
The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-51 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-52 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-53 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-54 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-55 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-56 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-57 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-58 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-59 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-60 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-61 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-62 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-63 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-64 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-65 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-66 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-67 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-68 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-69 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-70 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-71 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-72 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-73 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-74 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-75 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-76 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-77 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-78 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-79 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-80 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-81 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-82 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-83 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-84 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-85 The-Vault-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-86

Thank you so much to all of the people who worked so hard to make this day beautiful!

Ceremony Venue: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Reception Venue: The Vault
Hair: Styles for the Aisle
Makeup: Pearls and a Black Dress
Dress: Essense of Australia
Shoes: Audrey Brooke
Bridesmaid Dresses: La Jeune Marie
Bridesmaid Necklaces: Harley Mae Designs on Etsy
Bridesmaid Bracelets: Isle Of Agape on Etsy
Tuxedos: BLACK by Vera Wang
Catering: PC Events
Florals: Wedding Flowers by Eleana
Baker: Fate Cakes
DJ: Byron of Buckeye Entertainment

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Our Lady of Victory & Dock 580 Wedding | Britney + Brandon

It was so hard to narrow down pictures from Britney and Brandon’s wedding for the blog, because there was just so much goodness to choose from. So I’ll warn you right now that this is going to be a long one, full to the brim with lovely details and wedding surprises!

Britney and Brandon are one of the most fun couples you’ll ever meet. There’s just this laid back joyfulness about them, and it’s contagious. They met at work while they were both on summer break in Canton, OH, and after a summer of hanging out at their favorite dive bar on the lake by where they lived, going to their first Radiohead concert together, and meeting each other’s friends, they ended up doing the long distance thing for three years while Brandon was at Kent State University and Britney went to Ohio University. It’s no small feat to make a long distance relationship work like that, but these two have something special. With the years of being together has come a closeness and an indescribable friendship. They still make each other laugh and just totally get each other’s quirky personalities. It has been such an honor to document a couple as wonderful as these two, and it didn’t hurt that their wedding was absolutely gorgeous as well!

Thank you, Britney and Brandon, for having us be there for your wedding day and making us feel so completely welcome! Hope you two are having an amazing time in Ireland!

Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-01 Love The Blowout Bar…such a cool spot and such a fun group of stylists! Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-02 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-03 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-04 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-05 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-06 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-07 Britney’s makeup was absolutely flawless thanks to Kandi, of Simply Makeup.
Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-08 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-09 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-10 How amazing is this Claire Pettibone gown! And those florals…gahh…so beautiful!
Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-11 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-12 And who doesn’t love a pair of Louboutins on their wedding day;)Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-13 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-14 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-15 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-16 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-17 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-18 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-19 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-20 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-21 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-22 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-23 I love the gray tuxedos and bridesmaids dresses…elegant while still being relaxed:)Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-24 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-25 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-26 Love this next shot!
Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-27 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-28 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-29 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-30 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-31 Is Britney not absolutely stunning?! Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-32 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-33 Truly love the lace detail on this dress.
Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-34 And Brandon was looking mighty dapper as well! Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-35 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-36 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-37 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-38 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-39 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-40 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-41 These two…blowing my mind;)Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-42 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-43 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-44 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-45 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-46 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-47 The reception had a simple elegance that was truly lovely. From the chiavari chairs, to the soft green and pink florals, everything was beautiful!
Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-48 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-49 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-50 Absolutely love the tabletop chandelier centerpiece on the head table! Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-51 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-52 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-53 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-54 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-55 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-56 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-57 How cute are these sweets! Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-58 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-59 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-60 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-61 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-62 As a surprise for Britney and Brandon, Brutus Buckeye showed up to help get the party started at Dock 580! Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-63 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-64 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-65 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-66 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-67 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-68 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-69 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-70 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-71 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-72 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-73 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-74 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-75 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-76 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-77 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-78 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-79 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-80 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-81 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-82 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-83 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-84 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-85 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-86 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-87 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-88 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-89 Our-Lady-of-Victory-Dock-580-The-Loft-Wedding-90

A very huge thank you goes out to all of the people who made Britney and Brandon’s day special!

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Dock 580 – The Loft
Hair: The Blowout Bar
Makeup: Kandi of Simply Makeup
Dress: Claire Pettibone from Bridal & Formal of Cincinnati
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: J.Crew
Tuxedos: BLACK by Vera Wang
Catering: Dock 580
Florals: Whole Foods of Dublin
Cake: Alli Krivanek
DJ: James & Reflections Event Group
Photo Booth: The Awesomatic

Deb Peoples - Just a beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures. Perfect in every way!

Maribeth Peoples - Loved this wedding, everything was so well planned and beautiful,nice surprise to have Brutus show up at reception,, great food at the Loft and also rehearsal dinner, Dj was great, what a fun and happy weekend.

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Hocking Hills Wedding | Casey + Clay

Casey and Clay met while in grad school at Ohio University. He was a year ahead of her, and she admits that she had a bit of a crush on him. His class played volleyball a lot and they would often invite Casey along, which made sense because she played in college and absolutely loves the game. Well, every now and then Clay would be there, and when Casey saw that he was actually quite good at volleyball, it definitely piqued her interest even more. Last May, his class got together to play one last time before they went their separate ways after finishing grad school, and at this parting get-together, Casey and Clay struck up a conversation. When they realized that they would be living fairly close to each other, they decided that they would have to hang out over the summer, so they exchanged numbers. For their first date, they went on a four and a half hour, twelve mile hike at nearby Stroud’s Run! Whew…how’s that for a first date!:)Clay then asked Casey out to dinner, after which they sat on her front porch, talking late into the night.

After that, they had a great time really getting to know each other. And with his genuinely kind spirit, and his love of puns, he won her heart! It only took a couple months for Casey to realized that he was someone that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, which was something that she had never felt before. Since their first date involved a twelve mile hike, it was only fitting that when Clay ended up proposing last November, it was at Wayne National Forest. After a mini picnic of hot chocolate and strawberries, they got up to go for a walk around the pond that was there, but as Casey started walking she heard Clay tell her to turn around. When she did, there he was on one knee!

Crockett Crockett The bracelet that Casey wore on their wedding day is something that has become a sort of tradition in Clay’s family. It was something like Clay’s great-great grandmother’s aunt’s bracelet, and almost every bride in the family since her has worn it on their wedding day. We love sweet traditions like that!

Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Love Clay’s cool-gray three piece suit! He pulls it off quite well.

Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett And Casey was absolutely stunning in her beautiful lace gown. Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett These two…it’s like they were made for each other;)

Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett And what’s a midwest wedding without a little corn hole competition;)Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett After the cake cutting, we snuck out for just a few more pictures in the amazing light just as the sun was falling behind the trees. So beautiful! Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett Crockett

Thank you to the wonderful people who made this wedding beautiful!

Venue: Crockett’s Run
Caterer: PC Events
Florist: Kelly Joe’s Flowers
Photography: The Jacksons

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Worthington, Ohio Wedding | Jessica + Kreg

Jessica and Kreg have been together for so long, and they were so thrilled to finally be tying the knot and becoming husband and wife! Friends and family came from all over to celebrate with them. Family members who hadn’t seen each other in ages hugged and reconnected, and throughout the day there was a sense of joy and excitement to be together for such a wonderful occasion. We started out the day at the quirky and cute Virtue Salon in Clintonville, with muffins and mimosas as the girls had their hair styled amidst chatting and excited laughter. It rained all morning, but as if on cue, as soon as everyone had finished getting dressed and ready, the rain broke. It was glorious!:)
Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-01 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-02 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-03 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-04 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-05 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-06 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-07 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-08 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-09 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-10 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-11 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-12 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-13 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-15 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-17 Something super special for her wedding day, Jessica wore a ring that was her great grandmothers. How sweet is that?:)
Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-18 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-19 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-20 Look at this guy…how handsome!
Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-21 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-22 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-23 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-24 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-25 And Jess looked absolutely gorgeous! Love her hair!:)Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-26 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-27 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-28 The expression on Kreg’s face when he saw Jess was priceless, and I don’t think that smile left his face for the rest of the day;)Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-29 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-30 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-31 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-32 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-33 How cute are these purple ribbon streamer sticks?! Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-34 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-35 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-36 That look…:)Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-37 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-38 The girls all made their own bouquets with instruction from the wonderful people at The Flowerman, and I think they turned out beautifully, don’t you?! Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-39 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-40 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-41 This next shot is one of my favorites from the whole day…I just love it! Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-42 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-43 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-45 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-46 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-48 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-49 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-50 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-51 These two…they’re just so cute together:)Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-53 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-56 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-58 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-59 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-60 Just a few more pictures of the beautiful bride, and then it’s off to the reception! Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-62 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-63 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-64 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-65 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-66 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-67 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-68 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-69 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-70 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-71 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-72 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-73 This group was tearing up the dance floor:)Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-74 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-75 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-76 Worthington-Ohio-Wedding-79

A big thank you to all the people who made this wedding wonderful!

Hair Stylist: Virtue Salon
Ceremony Venue: All Saints Lutheran Church
Reception Venue: Plumbers & Pipe Fitters Local Union 189
Caterer: Caterers Three
Florist: The Flowerman
Baker: Cakes by Traci
DJ: Columbus Platinum Party DJs

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