Dawes Arboretum Wedding | Jordan + Jessica

Jordan and Jessica’s Dawes Arboretum wedding was absolutely perfect! We were really looking forward to this wedding, not only because of the sweet love that these high school sweethearts share, but also because I (Amanda) went to the Columbus College of Art & Design with Jessica! These two had been anticipating this day for a long time and it was so fun to be apart of all of the joy and excitement of the day! The girls started out in one of Jessica’s bridesmaid’s beautiful countryside log cabin. It was such a peaceful place for them to spend time together, relax, and do hair and makeup! It sprinkled off and on in the morning, but the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day! From there, we headed to Dawes and everyone finished getting ready. It was adorable to see Jessica’s little sister’s reaction as she put her dress on! So sweet! Jessica and Jordan shared their first look together with a little twist…they included their pup Dezi! I seriously couldn’t get enough of the cuteness!

For their ceremony, the lovely arch was handcrafted by Jessica’s dad with branches from the yard at the house where she grew up. Such a beautiful element to add to their ceremony. There were beautiful details sprinkled throughout their day and I loved that Jessica designed pretty much all of it herself! She even thought to include us in the succulent favors! How sweet is that! (:

The dreamy portraits of these two close to sunset had to be one of my favorite parts of the day. Those quiet moments with the bride and the groom were such a perfect way to end the evening! Congratulations Jessica & Jordan! We are so happy for you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-1 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-2 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-3 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-4 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-5 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-6 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-7 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-8 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-9 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-10 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-11 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-12 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-13 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-14 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-15 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-16 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-17 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-18 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-19 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-20 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-21 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-22 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-23 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-24 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-25 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-26 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-27 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-28 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-29 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-30 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-31 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-32 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-33 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-34 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-35 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-36 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-37 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-38 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-39 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-40 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-41 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-42 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-44 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-45 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-46 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-47 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-48 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-49 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-50 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-51 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-52 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-53 Dawes-Arboretum-Wedding-Photography-Photos-54

Venue: Dawes Arboretum  ||  Hair & Makeup: Rachel Corbett  ||  Caterer: City Barbeque  ||  DJ: James Davenport

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Whimsical Garden Wedding Inspiration

As we promised, today we are thrilled to share our recent Whimsical Garden Wedding Inspiration shoot that was only possible with the help of Danica Signature Events and Evergreen Flower Co. We love how this shoot came together, complete with beautiful greyhounds, gorgeous florals, and Kate Spade rose gold flatware. These two ladies are super talented, and it was such a joy to create with them! Also, we want to take a second to thank our models, Lori and Kevin, who were so sweet and fun to photograph, and who are getting married here in just a few months. Thanks so much you guys, and congratulations! We’re so excited for you two! Alright, so without further adieu, we hope you enjoy this little piece of wedding inspiration. Cheers!

Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_001 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_002 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_003 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_004 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_005 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_006 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_007 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_008 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_009 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_010 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_011 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_012 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_013 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_014 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_015 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_016 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_017 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_018 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_019 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_020 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_021 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_022 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_023 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_024 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_025 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_026 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_027 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_028 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_029 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_030 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_031 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_032 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_033 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_034 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_035 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_036 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_037 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_038 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_039 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_040

Styling: Danica Signature Events  ||  Florals: Evergreen Flower Co.

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The Jacksons 1-on-1 Mentoring | Stephanie Marie

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to meet and mentor the lovely Stephanie Marie, who drove all the way from New Jersey for her session! It was so much fun hearing her tell her backstory, how she is a mother and a photographer, while also running another business where she works with clients like Verizon! She came into this year mainly shooting newborns and families, but ended up booking her first wedding ever and wanted to make sure she goes into it as prepared as possible. So we chatted about the flow of a wedding day and how to go into with a plan of attack for each part of the day, as well as more technical things like shooting with back-button focus, spot metering, and reception lighting. Then it was time to get outside and do some shooting with an actual couple, the wonderful Lori and Kevin, before we finished up with some headshots for Stephanie. We’ll be sharing the shoot with Lori and Kevin (styled by Danica Signature Events with florals by Evergreen Flower Co.) tomorrow, but here is a little behind the scenes preview as well as some images of the beautiful Stephanie! She is so going to rock out her first wedding, and we cannot wait to see it and how her business grows from here!
Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_047 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_041
Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_042 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_043
Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_044 Columbus-Ohio-Wedding-Inspiration_045

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Five Years of Loving, Learning and Dreaming

Today marks 5 years. Five years of love, adventures, and all sorts of experiences. Health scares, surgery, buying a home, losing grandparents, going full time with our business, making new friends, traveling, learning, loving… I love that no matter what, I always have him. He is my steady & constant. He pushes me to always be my best, and seek the Lord in everything. He truly makes me a better person and I am so thankful for him. Here’s to many more years of experiences and adventures, and growing old together! I love you more, Jeremy Jackson. (;

Here’s a picture that someone snapped of us while we were in Florida last month. Isn’t he handsome!?


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