A Romantic German Village Engagement | Hannah + Luke

Happy Thursday! We’re already pumped for the weekend…anyone else there with us?!

Today we are SO excited to share Hannah and Luke’s engagement session with you guys! My goodness did we have fun with these two. The mix of their romance and style made for such lovely, joy-filled images. We started off on the quaint streets of German Village and ended with a view of the Olentangy River in downtown Columbus as the sun was setting. Add a lovely tulle skirt to that and I do believe you’ve got a perfect evening!

Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-01 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-02 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-03 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-04 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-05 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-06 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-07 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-08 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-09 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-10 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-11 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-13 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-14 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-15 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-16 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-17 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-18 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-19 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-20 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-21 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-22 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-23 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-24 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-25 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-26 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-27 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-28 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-29 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-30 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-31 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-33 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-32 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-34 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-35 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-36 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-37 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-38 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-39 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-40 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-41 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-42 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-43 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-44 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-45 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-46 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-47 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-48 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-49 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-50 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-51 Stylish-Columbus-German-Village-Engagement-Session-52

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A Lovely Columbus Engagement Session | Laurie + Nick

Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-01 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-02 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-03 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-04 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-05 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-06 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-07 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-08 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-09 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-10 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-11 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-12 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-13 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-14 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-15 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-16 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-17 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-18 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-19 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-20 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-21 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-22 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-23 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-24 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-25 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-26 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-27 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-28 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-29 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-30 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-31 Columbus-Ohio-Engagement-Session-32

Laurie and Nick are such an adorable couple! Ahh, we just loved their session! They both have a love for books, so we started out at one of their favorite bookstores before heading to the beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory near downtown Columbus. Their outfits, topped off with a cute hat and a stylish bowtie, suited their personalities perfectly! We cannot wait for their June wedding!

Hair & Makeup: Ariel of The Blowdry Cafe

Diana Mathias - AHH!!! So cute/beautiful/wonderful and amazing! You captured their best smiles and some very sweet moments!!! Love, love, love!!!

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Spring & Summer 1-on-1 Mentoring

Today we’re announcing something new that we’ve never done before, but that we are so, so excited about. We’ve taught a few photography classes in the past, but this is going to be something different, something more intimate and in-depth. An opportunity for us to help you work through the areas of your photography and business that you are struggling with. From now through the end of July, we are opening up three spots for 1-on-1 mentoring with us where you can ask us anything, and we will work with you to attack those issues head on! And what mentoring session would be complete without some new headshots? (; Now, we’ve saved one of our favorite parts for last. You will also have the opportunity to come with us on a real shoot where you will work side-by-side with us! We’ll explain what we’re doing as we shoot, and you can ask us those questions that you just don’t think about until you’re actually out there shooting! We love sharing what we’ve learned with others, and we cannot wait to start helping you guys in a 1-on-1 setting!


The investment is $500, but if you book your mentoring session by April 25th, you’ll receive $100 off! Shoot us an email at jeremy@thejacksonsphotography.com to get all of the information and sign up.


Erin Farley - Hello!! Is this a one on one in person mentoring??? Look forward to your email. Please let me know what I could expect for a mentoring session.

Thank you!

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A South Walton Styled Shoot with The Southern Atelier

Happy Monday! After a busy weekend of engagement sessions, we may need a lot of tea or coffee to keep us movin’ (anyone else there with us?), but we’re so excited to share another styled shoot that we did down in Florida!

Last summer, we were super excited to meet Rachel Klaeger after our good friend and fabulous (favorite) newborn photographer Kimmy Howard introduced us via Facebook! Kimmy had just been down south over the summer to teach at a workshop, and Rachel’s adorable little family happened to be the models for a shoot that Kimmy did on the beach. When Kimmy found out that we wanted to do a styled shoot while we were in Florida, she knew just the person to connect us with. Rachel is a stylist & designer down in South Walton, and as soon as we told her we wanted to do a styled shoot and collaborate with local artists, she was all in! When we “officially” met her (in person) the night before the shoot, she welcomed us with wine, and we talked together for hours, not only about our dreams for the shoot the next day, but also our BHAGS (big, hairy, audacious goals). Something we’re learning is that it’s so important to have other creatives in your life to spur you on, to inspire, to keep that spark ignited, and that energy alive. We could tell from the moment we met her, that she’s a go-getter. One of those people who knows what she wants and chases it with all her might. Rachel is also just so sweet and easy to connect with; I’d say she’s the definition of Southern Hospitality! (:  It was so much fun to be apart of such a beautiful collaboration of work. Rachel’s parents have a beautiful southern home on a conservancy, which we were honored to shoot at, and we had some super adorable models as well! (;

Styling: Rachel Klaeger of The Southern Atelier  ||  Hair & Makeup: Vivo Spa & Salon  ||  Floral Crowns: Daybreak Apparel
Jewelry & Accessories: Coastal Road  ||  Arrowhead Necklace: S. Carter Designs  ||  Hat: Haute Handcrafted Accessories
Caftan: CheyAnn Benedict  ||  Photography: The Jacksons

Florida-Styled-Shoot-01 Florida-Styled-Shoot-02 Florida-Styled-Shoot-03 Florida-Styled-Shoot-04 Florida-Styled-Shoot-05 Florida-Styled-Shoot-06 Florida-Styled-Shoot-07 Florida-Styled-Shoot-08 Florida-Styled-Shoot-09 Florida-Styled-Shoot-10 Florida-Styled-Shoot-11 Florida-Styled-Shoot-12 Florida-Styled-Shoot-13 Florida-Styled-Shoot-14 Florida-Styled-Shoot-15 Florida-Styled-Shoot-16 Florida-Styled-Shoot-17 Florida-Styled-Shoot-18 Florida-Styled-Shoot-19 Florida-Styled-Shoot-20 Florida-Styled-Shoot-21 Florida-Styled-Shoot-22 Florida-Styled-Shoot-23 Florida-Styled-Shoot-24 Florida-Styled-Shoot-25 Florida-Styled-Shoot-26 Florida-Styled-Shoot-27 Florida-Styled-Shoot-28 Florida-Styled-Shoot-29 Florida-Styled-Shoot-30

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