Rustic Elegance Irongate Equestrian Center Wedding | Sadie + Kevin

Sadie and Kevin’s Irongate Equestrian Center wedding was so relaxed, fun, and joy-filled. We absolutely loved the classic elegance of their day, with the perfect amount of rustic charm mixed in. It fit their personalities perfectly. It was very apparent that Sadie and Kevin had meticulously thought out, found, and created the details for their day, and everything came together beautifully! And what better way to end an incredible day than with a big bonfire and s’mores?! Love it!
Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-01 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-02 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-03 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-04 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-05 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-06 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-07 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-08 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-09 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-10 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-11 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-12 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-13 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-14 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-15 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-16 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-17 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-18 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-19 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-20 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-21 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-22 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-23 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-24 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-25 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-26 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-27 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-28 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-29 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-30 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-31 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-32 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-33 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-34 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-35 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-36 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-37 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-38 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-39 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-40 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-41 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-42 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-43 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-44 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-45 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-46 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-47 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-48 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-49 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-50 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-51 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-52 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-53 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-54 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-55 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-56 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-57 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-58 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-59 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-60 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-61 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-62 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-63 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-64 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-65 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-66 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-67 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-68 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-69 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-70 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-71 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-72 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-73 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-74 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-75 Irongate-Equestrian-Center-Wedding-Photos-76

Venue: Irongate Equestrian Center  ||  Hair & Makeup: Virtue Vegan Salon  ||  Florals: Botanica Floral Art
Carriage: Willow Wind Carriage & Limo  ||  Officiant: Rebekah of United Marriage Services  ||  Catering: Metro Cuisine
Cake: The Suisse Shop  ||  DJ: The Goody Two Shoes  ||  Photography: The Jacksons Photography

Grace Lilly - Wow! Love them all! Great work guys!

Lydia Stater - Such a gorgeous wedding! The coloring is so beautiful throughout all the images.

David Lilly - Congratulations Sadie and Kevin! These photos are amazing!

Karen Lilly - Thank you Amanda and Jeremy. We enjoyed having you as part of this very special day for us. We are thrilled with these beautiful pictures.

Jud Lilly - Jeremy & Amanda,
You two did a great job of capturing our special and joyous day. And you did a great job of being unobtrusive while you caught the special moments.

Joy Askew - Sarah and Kevin’s wedding was incredible and Irongate was the perfect setting. Thank you for the beautiful and timeless photographs you took.

Boston Brown - Great pictures guys! What a beautiful wedding!

Michelle - Beautiful photos!

Marcia Bates - Beautiful pictures captured a beautiful day perfectly!

April Brown - Wow! Beautiful!!!

Hannah Farkowitz - Wow so incredible! Almost felt like I was there irl. Almost felt like I was getting married myself…. Wow. I hope I get married someday. I might be lonely for the rest of forever but at least I have these wonderful photos to make me feel better!

Hana Barkowitz - Beautiful! I love these photos!

Kirstin Abrams - The wedding was beautiful and was filled with so much love and I’m glad Sarah (sadie) and Kevin’s love and joy were portrayed in each and every photo! Your photography is warm, classy, and origional. You did a fantastic job and I am so glad so many parts of the wedding were photographed! Now we can all look back at the special day and say, ” hey, I’m really glad the jacksons were a part of this”. Thanks so much and I hope you continue to capture memories together!

James - I’m thrilled that Kevin and Sarah have these delightful photographs so they can look back and more clearly remember such a joyous day. Thank you both for all of the work that you put into creating such lovely mementos. If I wasn’t already married I would 100% hire you guys to document my wedding too!

Sadie Lilly - Amanda and Jeremy,
We are so thankful for all of your hard work and for your wonderful presence on our wedding day. We could not be happier with our photos and the whole experience of working with you. Your style was so perfect for our wedding (and our engagement pictures!) and you really captured how the day felt.
Thank you both for everything!

Jessica Bruland - Such beautiful photos! You did a wonderful job capturing the loveliest moments of the wedding and reception!

Holly Diaz - These photos are stunning! They’ve captured the rustic setting exactly, not to mention those perfectly lovely images of the bride and groom. They ought to be in a magazine! These are very special and I know they will be cherished! What a beautiful wedding.

Stephanie bogle - Beautiful family! Beautiful bride! Beautiful wedding! So blessed to have been there for it!

Kathryn Hoepfner - These photos are beautiful! They perfectly capture what an amazing day it was.

Leah Cook - These photos are so great! Really captured the beauty of such a love filled day!

Bethany Strange - So many unique & special moments captured! Absolutely gorgeous!

Miriam Hoepfner - You guys did a great job capturing a beautiful wedding! Stunning pictures :)

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A Sweet Eden Park Cincinnati Engagement Session | Kristel + Ryan

It’s always fun when we get to photograph our couples in places that they love, so it was perfect that Kristel and Ryan wanted to start their engagement session at Eden Park, a favorite of theirs that also happens to be right down the street from their home in Cincinnati. After Eden Park, we headed a few blocks west to Over the Rhine, where we finished out their session, and I have to say, this sweet couple is so adorable together! We absolutely loved spending the evening with them! On a side note, we just have to brag on Kristel and Ryan a little bit for a second. Not only are they super cute, but they’re also incredibly thoughtful. Since they know how much we love macarons, they picked some up from a local shop to give to us, and oh my goodness were they delicious! We felt like we were cheating on Pistacia Vera a little bit, but it was totally worth it. (; Anyhow, after their engagement session, we’re even more excited to photograph Kristel and Ryan’s Pinecroft Mansion wedding next year!! Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_001 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_002 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_003 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_004 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_005 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_006 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_007 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_008 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_009 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_010 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_011 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_012 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_013 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_014 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_015 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_016 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_017 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_018 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_019 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_020 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_021 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_022 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_023 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_024 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_025 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_026 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_027 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_028 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_029 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_030 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_031 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_032 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_033 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_034 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_035 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_036 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_037 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_038 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_039 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_040 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_041 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_042 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_043 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_045 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_046 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_047 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_048 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_049 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_050 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_051 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_052 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_053 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_054 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_055 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_056 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_057 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_058 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_059 Eden-Park-Cincinnati-Engagement-Session-Photos_060

Elizabeth - These are amazing!!! What a beautiful couple :)

Jenny - Gorgeous photos and a stunning couple! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Kitty Miller - These are beyond perfect!!! I am loving the Eden Park (heyyy neighborhood)and downtown/OTR scenes! So chic and soooooo Kristel and Ryan! You two are total babes! Can’t wait to see more wedding pics :)

Julie Graf - GORGEOUS!!!

Brandon - WOW…speechless. Looking great!

Kristel - Thank you so much!!! We love them all!!!!

Lynn - Absolutely beautiful! I love you two!

Jordan - Is that Ronda Rousey?

Jen - Amazing photos! Cant wait for the big day.

Kelsie from the Squad - AHH! These are too good I can’t. My favorites are where Ryan is telling you a sexi secret and then when you are frolicking across the street. #GROTEFEST

Britney - so happy that my favorite photographers and my dear friend were able to meet and make this magic :) gorgeous photos!

Nathalie Cruz - Lovely pictures, you surely captured the love among you two! Congratulations! <3.<3

Katie - These are fabulous!

Amy Smith - Beautiful! I LOVE the OTR photos! My fav might be the one of you two running across the street. You guys look perfect :)

Ada - congratulations to the both of you, beautiful pictures!!!

Brooke - Jaw-dropping! You two look so amazing and these shots are so beautiful! What a couple of naturals :) I can’t wait to see wedding shots! xxxB

Scott - Shut up – I’m not crying, you’re crying! Running and Kissy pics are an A+

Natalia M - Lovely pictures, you look amazing! Beautiful couple!! Love love love

Katie - Beautiful photographs and a beautiful couple! Great scenery, and the black & white photos are stunning!

Joanna Swallen - You really can’t screw up with two such RIDICULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL subjects! However, great job on the photography!! What neat memories for the future Mr & Mrs Grote ❤️

Cait - Such a stunningly beautiful couple!! Congratulations!!

Lauren Darrow - Love these pictures! Can’t wait for the wedding :)

Jackie H - Absolutely stunning!

Lauren Horn - So beautiful!!!!


Sara - These are amazing… You guys look so happy! <3

katrina - these are absolutely stunning! you guys both look amazing and you look especially beautiful as always stella! i can’t wait to share your big day with you <3

Mark Viviani - Rowdy!

Kyle - Wonderful pictures!

Ollie - Brilliant photos guys. I’ll be in touch for some of my own in the future.

Britt B - You two are the best. <3

Grimace - Congrats!! Great photos!!

Adam Church - Nice

Jenny (BJ) - Ahhh I love it!! These pictures are gorgeous!!! I can’t wait for my personal wallet-sized one :)

Jason - Great blog! Great pics!

Grote - Thanks everyone!!! Free prints and canvas for us!

Kristina - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple

Megan - Seriously great pics!!! Love them!

Tracy - Gorgeous pictures!!!

Kelsey - Oh, beautiful!! The ones of you guys in the middle of the street with the city all around are AMAZING. Love them all!

Kiki - You guys are hot! Pics look beautiful!!

Drew Darrow - So adorable. Can’t wait for the wedding!!


Tj - Looking great guys! Congrats!


Soda - You guys are gonna make some cute kids.

Jen - I LOVE the Otr scenes, but everything looks great I bet it was a fun day! :)

Hannah - Such beauty!!!!! Love you two!

Ricky - Kristel, great job dressing Ryan for these photos!

Megan - EAch one gets better and better! I love the earthy natural Eden Park shots but then the edgier city shots get even more fun and adorable. Beautiful, beautiful, such loveee!

Mom G - You two look so great! I love the photos

Bridget - Such natural beauties! Model status. Love you guys!

Anna Caldwell - Gorgeous couple in some of the hippest, most beautiful part of the city! Amaaaaazing pictures.

Linda - These are beautiful engagement photos. Your work is lovely with pretty light.

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Naples Beach Anniversary Shoot | Kari + Trevor

We had so much fun getting to know Kari and Trevor a little bit better while in Naples. They are talented photographers/videographers (KariMe Photography/740 Films), and we’re so glad that we got a chance to exchange some pictures while we were down there. Not only are they talented at what they do, they are also super sweet and encouraging, and just the kind of people that we love being around!

For those interested, during this shoot, we tried out a couple Kodak film stocks that we haven’t really used a ton before, and were pleasantly surprised with the results. Here’s a breakdown of the gear we were shooting with as well as the lab we used.
Mamiya 645AF/Pentax 645n/Canon 1V | Fuji 400H/Kodak Portra 160/Kodak Portra 400 | The FIND Lab
Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-01 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-02 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-03 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-04 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-05 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-06 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-07 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-08 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-09 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-10 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-11 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-12 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-13 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-14 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-15 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-16 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-17 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-18 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-19 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-20 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-21 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-22 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-23 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-24 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-25 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-26 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-27 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-28 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-30 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-31 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-32 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-33 Naples-Florida-Anniversary-Session-Photos-34

Megan Kelsey - Oh my goodness! So romantic and pretty! I love the beachy theme!! And I LOVE this couple’s style!!

Marie Chang - Stunning pictures – the colors look so natural! Great job!

Lee - Fun! I love these!

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Cocoa Beach Summer Travels

Back at the end of August, we had the opportunity to spend a wonderful several weeks in Florida, and it was glorious. Sunshine, palm trees, and white-capped waves. What more can you ask for? Today we’re sharing our film from Cocoa Beach with our friends Rob and Lina. Walking along the beach watching the waves come in as seagulls flew overhead was the perfect way to spend an end of summer afternoon. Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-01 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-02 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-03 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-04 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-05 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-06 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-07 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-08 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-09 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-10 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-11 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-12 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-13 Cocoa-Beach-Florida-Travel-Photos-14

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