The Jacksons’ House Project | Part Two | The Living Room

Happy Friday!!
Several weeks ago we shared “The Before” of our House Project, and today we are sharing Part Two, The Living Room! If you don’t remember what this place looked like when be bought it, definitely go back and take a look before you look through “the after” just to give yourself some perspective. (; We still have some finishing touches to do, but for the most part, the living room is done. The flooring went in first, and I’m not going to lie, some parts were quite a challenge, like around that angled fireplace, but with a little help, we finished it up and then it was time to pick furniture. We really wanted this space to be a place where we could spend time hanging out with friends and family, so we wanted it to have a sort of coziness to it, which is part of the reason we decided to go with fabric furniture over leather. Plus, these couches are just plain comfy! (: We also wanted to keep the decor fairly simple, but incorporate some unique details, like the sand that we’ve collected from different beaches that we’ve visited, and the white busts on the mantle and bookshelf. The last thing to go up was the trim, which because it started out a really dark wood, took more than a couple coats of white primer and paint. I think the end product was worth the work though. We love this little space! It has been great so far for client meetings and having friends over, and we cannot wait to host more dinner parties here! The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_002 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_003 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_004 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_005 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_006 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_007 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_009 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_010 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_011 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_012 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_013 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_015 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_016 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_017 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_018 The-Jacksons-Condo-Renovation-The-Living-Room-Photos_019

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Columbus Brain Tumor 5K

Sometimes it’s hard to find words for things that are hard to talk about. To be brave enough to say that you’ve gone through something that shakes your world so hard, you don’t even know how to stand back up. To keep fighting through each day, even when your heart doesn’t even feel like it has the energy to keep beating.

The aftermath of the illness knocks the breath right out of you. To a pre-teen, the words “brain tumor” seem so insignificant at first. But soon after I heard those two life-changing words, I learned how much power a brain tumor holds over the person you love. How it changes a person. How it steals your independence. How the hospital becomes your second home. Every part of your life is shaped by this brain tumor. And life is not the pretty picture you painted for yourself as a child. And friends, coming to terms with that is HARD.
But I am not the same person because of it.

My mom was diagnosed with a Low-Grade Glioma Astrocytoma in the hypothalamus at the age of 34. She was only given 6 months-1 year to live, but she fought for over 3 ½ years after her diagnosis. To this day, I still don’t understand how she endured the struggle for so long. Her grace through suffering was a constant reminder of Christ’s love for us, and I really think that is the only thing that got our family through. Romans 8:26-28 says, “Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Now, 14 years later, we were contacted by the American Brain Tumor Association, asking if we would photograph the teams for the Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5k here in Columbus. It was so heart-touching to be apart of this event and I am so grateful that this organization is working toward “providing and pursuing answers”.

For anyone who feels lost or overcome with darkness and pain, keep searching for the light. And when you find it, hold onto it with all your might. When I find a fiery red piece of hair on my head, I think of my mom, and it reminds me to keep fighting to find the light in every struggle. To find joy, even when things are not how I pictured them to be.


Brain-Tumor-5K_001 Brain-Tumor-5K_005 Brain-Tumor-5K_006 Brain-Tumor-5K_008 Brain-Tumor-5K_015 Brain-Tumor-5K_017 Brain-Tumor-5K_018 Brain-Tumor-5K_019 Brain-Tumor-5K_020 Brain-Tumor-5K_022 Brain-Tumor-5K_024 Brain-Tumor-5K_025 Brain-Tumor-5K_026 Brain-Tumor-5K_027 Brain-Tumor-5K_028 Brain-Tumor-5K_029 Brain-Tumor-5K_030

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Jeffrey Mansion Engagement Shoot | Jessa & Ryan

Oh, hey! It’s Friday!
Jeremy and I had been anticipating Jessa & Ryan’s engagement shoot, not only because they are super adorable, but also because we know how much they care about their photos! And if that doesn’t make a photographer’s heart throb with joy, I don’t know what would! (: It’s been so rainy lately, which had us a little bit worried. Jeremy & I look forward to the summertime for warmth and sunshine, but it has been cool and drearily rainy lately. What’s up with that? We want sunshine! The day before Jessa & Ryan’s session, it was windy and cold and raining allll day. I was so worried we would have to reschedule, but the next day rolled around and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. 70º, no humidity, and SUNSHINE! Yes! I’ll take it! (: We started Jessa and Ryan’s engagement shoot where Ryan proposed, right next to Mirror Lake, on The Ohio State University campus. The green spaces and paths on campus can be so beautiful, and since it’s summer, we didn’t have to worry about there being hundreds of people walking by! For the second half of the session, we headed to Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley for some romantic portraits around the grounds of the beautiful old home. Guys, these were some of my favorites from the whole session! The tall hedges and stone retaining walls are so lovely! Jessa & Ryan, congratulations on your engagement! We are SO excited to photograph your wedding in November at The Ivory Room!

A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_001 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_002 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_003 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_004 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_005 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_006 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_007 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_008 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_009 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_010 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_011 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_012 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_013 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_014 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_015 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_016 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_017 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_020 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_021 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_022 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_023 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_024 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_025 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_026 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_027 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_028 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_029 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_030 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_031 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_032 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_033 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_034 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_035 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_036 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_037 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_038 A-Classy-Engagement-Shoot-at-Jeffrey-Mansion-Photos_039

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94th Aero Squadron | Columbus Wedding | Andrea + Adam

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Today we’re sharing something a little different than our usual wedding; it’s almost like an elopement! Andrea & Adam got married at the 94th Aero Squadron, an old restaurant full of character, with a view that looked out over the Columbus International Airport runway! With Adam’s love for aviation, the restaurant has become a favorite of theirs, so it seemed fitting that it be the place where they exchange vows with just a few of their closest friends and family before having lunch and hopping a plane to head out west for their honeymoon. Airplanes and even a military helicopter flew past as they celebrated their love together. We had such a wonderful time photographing this sweet, vibrant couple who are so full of joy, and are so excited for their future adventures together! Congratulations Andrea & Adam!

94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_001 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_002 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_004 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_006 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_007 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_009 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_013 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_012 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_014 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_015 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_017 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_018 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_019 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_020 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_021 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_022 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_023 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_024 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_025 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_026 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_027 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_028 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_029 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_030 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_031 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_032 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_033 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_034 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_035 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_036 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_037 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_038 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_039 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_040 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_041 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_042 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_043 94th-Aero-Squadron-Columbus-Ohio-Wedding_044

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