The Jacksons’ Winter Travels 2016 | South Carolina

February 18, 2016

Last January we had the opportunity to take a trip south, going through Charleston and Savannah on our way to Florida. It was a wonderful trip and so nice to soak up some sun and warmth in the middle of winter! We enjoyed that trip so much, we decided that we needed to do it again this year, and our first stop was Greenville, SC. We got to spend time with some dear friends of ours, Brock and Anna. They showed us around town and told us about all the best places to eat. It was so much fun to explore a new place and take some photographs just for fun along the way. Our last day in SC, we took a day-trip to Charleston, and being there again just reaffirmed that it is one of our favorite cities ever! The architecture, the landscaping, the food…it’s all amazing. Amanda even picked up a new hat with the prettiest of bows on the back. This was definitely a wonderful way to start our winter travels! Next stop: Atlanta!The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-01The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-02The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-03The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-04The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-05The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-06The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-07The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-08The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-09The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-10The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-11The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-12The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-13The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-14The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-15The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-16The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-17The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-18The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-19The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-20The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-21The-Jacksons-Winter-Travels-South-Carolina-Photos-22

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